Uniquely (y)ours – A proud moment for Picture Proud family!


What do we live for if not to make life more beautiful for each other? Living our lives with that thought in mind makes our own a splendid affair. Of the many things we do to bring radiance in another’s life, a thoughtful gift, regardless of its value, is sure to accomplish that lofty goal. Nothing says ‘you matter to me’ more than a selfless act but the only material equivalent of such an act is a gift! But how much thought do we put into finding gifts that resonate with the receiver? Picture Proud was a direct upshot of an epiphany. The idea behind a gift is to make the receiver feel special which helped us draft the golden rule to the art of buying gifts – personalise them!

Having put in our untiring efforts in arriving at an eclectic variety of personalised products that would make for perfect gifts for loved ones of all ages, we have successfully carved a niche for ourselves in the industry. As a testament to our commitment to quality, variety and excellent customer service, we were recently recognised by one of the most popular television shows in the UK, ‘Love your Garden’. As a special showcase, one of our unique and well-liked ‘Personalised Photo Hearts’ was featured in the show hosted by Alan Titchmarsh. The feature threw a spotlight on the one-of-a-kind nature of the product which has quickly found a fantastic audience from across the world. From freestanding photo hearts that can hang with ribbon and baby hand and footprint photo hearts, the variety in conjunction with the superior quality, home delivery for UK customers and reasonable price has made this a much sought after product and this was rightly recognised by the show.


Photo Hearts are just one among an array of remarkably unique products that we have in store for our customers. Durability, price, customer service and on time delivery are our everyday mantra. The response to our online presence has exceeded our expectations and this has prompted us to fashion a physical presence at The Gift Boutique and we certainly aim to give constant work to our imagination and come up with new and interesting personalised products to help our customers experience the true joy of giving!

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