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The feet can be any colour

Store your precious memories in this elegant wooden keepsake box. Each box features the child's footprints, in a colour of your choice, personalised and designed by us and then infused onto the lid. Hand-made with sturdy materials, this keepsake box has a high-quality finish to give you a lasting reminder of those most treasured moments in life saving the foot for eternity.

This memory box is a great way to store photos and mementos for years to come.

  • Small – £109.95 – W25cm x D16cm x H16cm
  • Medium -£134.95 – W40cm x D27.5cm x H16cm
  • Large -£154.95 – W46cm x D33cm x H22cm
  • Square – £154.95 – W30cm x D30cm x H30cm

Using a copy of your foot prints which are then infused directly on to lid.
Personalisation incorporated with your design on the lid top.

As an optional extra we can incorporate a special message inside the lid along with the hand prints if required.

If you already have a print that you’d like to use, just take a copy and email us a copy or post it to us. *See Q&A on how to send us your baby’s prints in more detail.

If you don’t have any prints, don’t worry we do have some generic ones we can use so you can still have the personalised memory box.

You are not stuck with the black prints that you may have been given from the hospital or you have, we reproduce in black  or we are very happy to change the prints to a colour of your choice, grey, pink, blue, lilac the choice is really up to you.

If you don’t have the prints but would still like the box and you can get the impressions of the little one’s feet, then these are our top tips how to get the perfect prints.

  • We say it is best to use washable finger paint or washable fabric paint by squirting about the size of a walnut amount on to a paper plate and smear on to the Childs hand or foot, make sure the paint is on all finger tips & toes .

Try to not overload his/her hand or foot or else the print will look more like a smudged blob instead of a foot or hand print.

  • Another good tip would be put the paper on to a clip board or book so it’s a firm hard surface when you put the Childs print on as babies tend to wriggle and you should get a nice crisp print.
    Hand prints are harder, but if you stroke the back of the baby’s hand, they will open their hand better.
  • Don’t worry if the paint gets under his nails. It’s non-toxic and will wash off. Before pressing his foot onto the item you’re about to embellish, try a test print on a piece of paper or another paper plate to make sure you’ve got the right amount of paint to achieve your desired effect. And, don’t use a paint brush since kid’s feet are extremely ticklish and the soft bristles will cause him to pull away.
  • Also we would suggest when doing the prints, do while he or she is sitting in his swing or high chair, or while sleeping. The most important thing is to keep them distracted, you could always do while giving a bottle or a toy so he/she won’t move so much.
  • Don’t forget to have the baby wipes to hand too .
  • Then simply press his/her hand or foot onto white paper or card. Repeat for other hand or foot so you get a pair.
  • Scan this A4 image & sent to us with your order *See Q&A link how to send to us

You are not stuck with the black prints that you may have been given from the hospital or you have, we can print black as you supply or we are very happy to        change the prints to a colour of your choice, grey, pink, blue, lilac the choice is really up to you.
If you make your own prints you can choose the colour of the washable finger or fabric paint, your local craft store should have a wide selection of colours & we   will then reproduce the colour you choose.

If you need any further advice then please just contact us and we will be happy to help.

1 review for Baby footprint keepsake box

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    We ordered this box to hold memories of our daughter. The box is beautifully made and is exactly what we wanted. We were even able to use our daughters footprints which has made the box even more precious to us.
    The box is hand made and clearly a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that will stand the test of time. The degree to which you can personalise it is excellent and means it does become very special. Thank you so much.

    • Ruth Beenham

      Dear Jo, Thank you so much for taking the time to send in your feedback! We love to hear what our customers have to say. Im thrilled you are happy with your order, I know this box means so much to you both, it was beautiful and I loved the fact you chose her birth colour for the personalisation, being the lovely purple.
      Wishing you both health and happiness and special memories of Alice treasured.
      Take care xx

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