Personalised Wooden Letter Children’s Train Sets

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  • Personalised Wooden letters train set

    Personalised Wooden letters train set

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    From: £1.95

    Spell a child’s name

    • £1.95 a wooden Train letter
    • £1.95 each for front locomotive
    • FREE back wagon with every order
    • The letters link to the engine and carriage by small, metal hooks and eyes.
    • Available in a choice of finishes for the Engine & Carriage.
      A. For the boys Plain wood  B. For the Girls Plain wood with Swarovski crystals  C. Girls & Boys Coloured.
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With Porsches and Ferraris adorning the roads, tubes overflowing with mad-rushing crowds and flights streaking through the clouds leaving little time for us to enjoy the beauty of the sky, there is something about the pace, sight and sound of the railway that makes a journey much more pleasurable. The fantastic feeling that rushes through us may be the reason why the most cherished childhood toy for the majority of us is a train set. The tiny compartments, the facade of the engine, the thrill of watching this minuscule man-made caterpillar speeding through the house, still manages to bring out the child in us.