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Christening Naming day

Christening Naming day

  • Personalised Children's Bookends

    Personalised Children's Bookends (21)

    Isn’t there a magical allure to tales and yarns? Princesses and knights, magical kingdoms and realms, fairies and mystical creatures, stars and the universe, the beautiful fables and anecdotes that formed a part our childhood years linger on even through our adulthood. The sight, smell and touch of those yellowed pages bring back lovely memories of happiness and joy. When your tiny tot takes on that passion, it is impossible to contain the excitement isn’t it? [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="Show less (%s less words)"] Whether you fill in the book shelves of your child’s bedroom wanting to impress upon him or her, the power and potency of words or your little angel imbibes that passion instinctively, those paperbacks and hard covers can be given a lovely abode. Bring out the beauty of those tales with our collection of Personalised Bookends. Sold in pairs, these bookends come in an array of gorgeous designs that will instantly appeal to your little boy or girl. From classic to contemporary, a range of dazzling and captivating designs are embossed onto these hand made and hand painted bookends. They are not only handy and functional but also work perfectly well to keep together your child’s precious little collection of books. Besides, the lovely designs are sure to enhance the overall magical appeal of those tomes. Choose from our collection of Fairy, Farm, Duck, Football, Princess, Noah’s Ark, Racing Cars, Teddy, Bunnies, Train, Butterflies, London, Mother Goose and Ducklings, Pirate Islands, Woodland Animals or Sea life bookends to provide the perfect present for Christmas, Birthday, First Day at School, Personal achievement and more. What’s more! You can add your own message and child’s name in your chosen font and colour to give the gift a more personal touch. Sturdy, durable, functional and great finish, we ensure that our Personalised Bookends speak to you in the same way those books did when you were young![/showhide]
  • Personalised Children's Chairs

    Personalised Children's Chairs (20)

    Tea parties, board games, blocks, Legos, school work, art or craft, whatever the activity the one furniture that your child cannot do without is the chair. Indoors or outdoors, children need a sturdy and tough seating companion to pull off all these activities. They might even want to rest their tiny legs post all the running and playing sessions. Let them take a breather from the incessant action to recharge their batteries with their own personal chair or armchair. [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="show less (%s less words)"] Two or more tots in the house? A great way to forestall those fights is by giving them their own private chairs. Our wide range of hand crafted personalised chairs offers your children more than just comfort and convenience. A sense of belonging, a sense of ownership along with the excitement of having their name and gorgeous set of designs should entice them enough to accomplish the task at hand. A sturdy build, comfortable width and height, easy to transport, lovely imagery, elegant yet tough finish, hand crafted and painted by local talents, we offer a great collection of chairs that are high on build and low on maintenance. Fairies and fairy tale designs for your little princess, some football and race car fun for your sports star, butterflies and unicorns for your dreamer, pirates and Noah’s Ark for your adventurer, gift your child a chair that reflects his or her own personality and likes. With a high quality finish we also assure you of its safety and longevity. With the child’s name on the top rail, optional special message on the underside of the armchair seat and a range of beautiful fonts to choose from, by gifting a personalised chair or armchair, you are sure to score some extra points in their lovely hearts. With personalised chairs, their bedroom is sure to look complete, don’t you think?[/showhide]
  • Personalised Children's Wall Clocks

    Personalised Children's Wall Clocks (32)

    Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday that your little child, nephew or niece stepped into this world with so many loved ones cheering his or her arrival? Time does fly! The fluidity of time is its beauty. The capacity to transform and to change is a great power indeed and time holds on to that authority with élan. What better way can you come up with to impress upon the child, the importance of time and what better way is there to teach him or her how to read it than to present a wall clock? [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="show less (%s less words)"] Pick a special occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas, first dance recital, the first sports cup or any personal achievement and gift the child a device that highlights the significance of the most precious ingredient of his or her life – time! Assortments of personalised clocks that bring in the best of contemporary and classic designs are at your disposal. Our personalised clocks collection encompasses a variety of designs to blend into the child’s bedroom decor. If you are yet to plan out the decor, our designs might even give you some ideas to create a room around them! From Ballet to Bear hugs, from Football to Race cars, from Ducks to Butterflies, from Noah’s Ark to Nautical Anchor, from Pirate Island to Rocket and Space, from Woodland animals to Under sea, from Pink Fairies to Farms, you can choose from an eclectic variety of designs to add to the beauty of your child’s bedroom wall. If imparting knowledge of time is vital, so is safety. With our glass-less, light-weight design you can be assured that your child will be safe even if he or she handles the clock. The Silent mechanism ensures that your child is undisturbed at all times and the handmade designs are made more alluring by your personal message, including the child’s name and optional date and time, that can be imprinted on to the clock’s face. The value of time and the beauty of our designs – a charming combination indeed. [/showhide]
  • Personalised Children's Door & Wall Plaques

    Personalised Children's Door & Wall Plaques (17)

    Children live in their own sweet world, a world where anxieties and worries, doubts and fears, uncertainties and fretfulness just do not exist. Don’t we all feel the need to get back to our childhood rooms and shut the doors on the tensions and worries of this fast and frenzied world? That might be an impossible utopian dream for us but when children are living in their dream land, we sure can gift them the land where they can dream – their own little private bedroom. From furniture to wall paint, from art work to gadgets, we love to fill in those little rooms with everything they love and care about. Now it is time to make it theirs, officially! [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="show less (%s less words)"] With our amazing collection of personalised door and wall plaques, you can make your child’s room his or her own. Individuality, independence and a special place where they can build their own castles and ride their own magic carpets, personalised door and wall plaques will help them carve their own space in your house. Kids love to have their name or favourite message on their door or wall and you can very well gift this joy to your child on any special occasion or as a simple present which shows that you value their thoughts, dreams and space just as much. Vacation homes or cabins in woods, carry them anywhere and give the place a personal touch with door and wall plaques. From lovely Bear hugs, Butterflies, Bunnies, Ducks, Fairies, Farms and Fairy tales to Football, London, Pirate Island, Under the Sea, Woodland Animals, Racing Cars, and Trains, we offer you a fantastic range of hand crafted and painted Door and Wall Plaques with White or Cream backgrounds that can be personalised with your child’s name. With a high quality sturdy and permanent finish, you can be assured of its extended beauty and life. Gift your child a special place in your house and make it even more special with our Personalised Door and Wall Plaques.[/showhide]
  • Personalised Children's Height Charts

    Personalised Children's Height Charts (22)

    Time comes with its own set of wings. It flies so soon that you realise suddenly that your just born has already started to walk. Children surprise us by how soon they grow or by how quickly they start to question our every action. Has your child surprised you already? Then it’s time to plot the growth chart. The beginning years are extremely vital in a kid’s overall development, both physical and mental. Since both these aspects are interconnected to a large extent, it is crucial to monitor him or her closely to ensure that your child is healthy in every way possible. [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="show less (%s less words)"] Height chart is a quick and easy way to monitor the growth of your child personally and regularly. Having one at home ensures that you keep tabs on the physical development of the child at regular, specified intervals without having to depend on external help. If you think it is an arduous task to get your energetic tot to stay still for a few minutes or to even get your child anywhere near the chart, think again! We offer parents a lovely collection of personalised height charts that will help you with this challenge. Colourful, vibrant, easy to fix with great clarity in marking will make the height charting quest fun and pleasurable for the child and easy and straightforward for the parent. Enchanted kingdoms and Fairy tales, All Aboard train and Racing cars, Noah’s Ark and Pirate islands, Woodland animals and Jungle designs, Under Sea or on the Farm, our selections span a range of themes that your child is sure to love enough to stay put for a few minutes. Personalise the chart with your child’s name and this makes monitoring much easier in houses with more than one child. The silver screw capped wall fixings ensure that the chart is perfectly placed to give you accurate measurements. Watch your child grow and with our personalised height charts you can gauge it too![/showhide]
  • Children's keepsake boxes

    Children's keepsake boxes (57)

    Our luxurious children's keepsake boxes are the perfect way to keep all those treasured items together in one place.
  • Personalised Children's Placemats & Coasters

    Personalised Children's Placemats & Coasters (17)

    Making or teaching a child to eat is probably the knottiest of all tasks parents have to undertake. If coaching the child to handle cutlery items is tricky then teaching the kid to avoid the mess is even trickier. Since it is virtually impossible to get to the ‘clean and spotless’ after-dinner-table part without the initial messy and shambolic part, you are going to need specialised help to make it through this challenge in style. [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="show less (%s less words)"] Combining fun and food, together with the possibility of shielding your table surface from countless spills and greasy stains, we have put together an exquisite range of placemats and coasters to aid your dinner-time endeavours. While the range of beautiful and unique designs draw your children out of hiding to enjoy a quite family dinner time, it will also give you the advantage of speedy cleaning while simultaneously avoiding damages to your furniture. Enchanted kingdoms to fairy tales, Noah’s Ark to Pirate Islands, Football to Racing cars and Animals to Butterflies, we offer a great range of themes to allure kids into having their food without the usual tantrums. More kids in the house, no problem, personalise each placemat and coaster with the child’s name and present every kid his or her own. Personalised Placemats and Coasters also make for an excellent giveaway present during Christmas or birthday parties for kids. Set aside your cleaning worries as our placemats and coasters come with a wipe clean surface. With a cushioned fabric and non slip base, these products assure you much less mess. If you are wondering about the build, the placemats and coasters have been made from heat-resistant melamine which ensures their durability. Enjoy a mess-free, anxiety-free lunch and trouble-free dinner with your children.[/showhide]
  • Personalised Children's Tables

    Personalised Children's Tables (16)

    Games to homework, drawing to stories, there a countless activities to engage your child in and many of these activities form an integral part of your child’s development. A lively and dynamic soul is extremely hard to entrap and it would take quite an amount of your energy to get your child to settle in one place. Every problem has a solution and our range of personalised tables is a great new way to ensure your child’s participation in those developmental activities. [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="show less (%s less words)"] Uniquely designed with a series of catchy themes that are sure to entice the tiny tots, these tables come along with one or two chairs for your child and his or her friend which can also be personalised. If the fairy tale castles, frog and fairy designs and enchanted kingdoms appeal to your little princess, the digger trucks, racing cars, and football fun should catch the eyes of your prince. Take you kid on a little ‘piratey’ adventure with Pirate island design complete with a treasure map and Jolly Roger or get on board the Noah’s Ark or even let them experience the beauty of sea life through our varied table themes. Add your own personal touch by imprinting the names of your children on the chairs and picking the designs and fonts on the chair seat. Send a special message to your tot on the under side of the table or the arm chair seat. Hand Crafted and painted by local talents, these tables and chairs are sturdy and tough enough to last for a really long time. The high quality permanent finish gives it a great look and shine. With these uniquely designed and personalised tables, your kid’s room is now a perfect little abode.[/showhide]
  • Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes for Children

    Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes for Children (33)

    Modern life may have given us numerous luxuries, fascinating gadgets, mesmerising devices, enthralling instruments and incredible gizmos but what we hold close to our hearts are the simple little toys that formed an integral part of our growing up years. They may not compare with the technically advanced toys of today and they come nowhere near PS4s and Xboxes but what makes them special are the happy memories we associate with them. The touch and feel of childhood toys, regardless of their broken noses and shattered eyes, take us back to peaceful and stress-free times. [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="Show less (%s less words)"] Before you know it, it is time for your little prince or princess to have fun with his or her own toys! Who knew time would fly like that! Toys not only make for great childhood memories but also aid in the cognitive development of the child. Is it not vital then to shield these precious gizmos from inevitable child tantrums? You also do want to bring in some order in the house and teach your kids about the importance of neatness and respect for every creation, man-made or otherwise, don’t you? Well, Picture Proud offers you a great way to do all that with our unique Toy Boxes product line. Hand crafted and painted locally, our wooden toy boxes are built to last with a sturdy construction and quality finish. The safety stays and slow closing lids ensure that your kid stays unhurt. You will be spoilt for choice with our collection that ranges from Bear Hugs, London, Nautical, All Aboard, Farm, Fairy Tales, Football Fun, Noah’s Ark, Racing Cars, Under the Sea, Butterfly, Pirate Island, Unicorn, Woodland and Zoo animals designs. That is not all! While you can personalize your toy boxes with your kid’s name and message, our Dressing Up and Toy Box also offers a beautiful twist with great artwork, imagery and wait for it – matching dressing up outfits for all ages whether boys or girls! We pride ourselves in helping you create the most beautiful childhood memories for your child![/showhide]
  • Personalised Wooden Letter Children’s Train Sets

    Personalised Wooden Letter Children’s Train Sets (1)

    With Porsches and Ferraris adorning the roads, tubes overflowing with mad-rushing crowds and flights streaking through the clouds leaving little time for us to enjoy the beauty of the sky, there is something about the pace, sight and sound of the railway that makes a journey much more pleasurable. The fantastic feeling that rushes through us may be the reason why the most cherished childhood toy for the majority of us is a train set. The tiny compartments, the facade of the engine, the thrill of watching this minuscule man-made caterpillar speeding through the house, still manages to bring out the child in us. [showhide type="description" more_text="Show more (%s more words)" less_text="Show less (%s less words)"] These interlocked mini replicas need not always be just toys. Picture Proud’s Wooden Letters train set offers a unique way to impart the knowledge of alphabets to your kids. Teach your kids to spell new words, write their names or help them become well-versed in phrases in an all new interesting way with the Wooden Letters Train set. Else, just add to the decor of your kid’s room with a unique personalised train set that spells your child’s name or nickname. The Animal and Figure Wooden Train Set is another version that could adorn the room of your little angel. Play, Learn or Decorate – three unique functions for one remarkable little toy. Buy as many alphabets as you like to create your own phrases or names and link them all in the way you like using simple metal hooks attached to every carriage – It doesn’t get more personalised than this! Available in a variety of finishes like Plain Wood for boys, Plain Wood with Swarovski for girls and coloured set for both genders, we ensure that the look and quality of the product is unmatched. Add to that the on-the-house Back Wagon; you have the perfect little toy to gift your lovely child.[/showhide]