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    Personalised Keepsake Box Favourite Teddy

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    Your favourite Teddy

    Our “Teddy & Me” range is NEW and exclusive to us. We put an image of your favourite teddy onto a wooden keepsake box.

    We all have had a favourite teddy or toy. Here at Picture Proud we can create the perfect gift using a favourite teddy or toy which is suitable for all ages, a child, a teenager, a 30th, 40th 50th birthday, whatever the occasion. Imagine the recipent's face on opening the Keepsake box to see their favourite childhood teddy is immortalized into the box, which they can then use for all their treasured keepsakes.

    Our “Teddy & Me” range has been designed because my daughter Charlotte now aged 12 went off to senior school. I wanted to give her a special memory box to fill with all her childhood memories. Duck Duck her favourite teddy has been a big part of her life, so even though Duck Duck is still with her, we wanted to capture that memory in a permanent way. Our keepsake boxes are all handmade here in the UK. The quality of finish we believe is the highest it can be in the market of keepsake boxes and we know you will be thrilled with an heirloom gift as well as a functional box.


    Taking the pictures of your favourite teddy or toy is very simple. We would suggest you sit him 1st in position on a white sheet and white backdrop (we simply used a white bed sheet) Once you have taken that shot then do a few others. We include 1 to 3 shots on the lid along with the recipient's name and Teddy's name.

    Once you have placed your order you can send us the shots you have taken and then we will get one of our design team to create the design. We send you a proof prior to making. We won’t make the box until you are completely happy with the design.

    made from:

    These products are made from wood and hand painted. The designs and personalisation get infused into the wood, these are NOT stickers.


    We have 3 sizes of box available. The price includes the design. An available option which really does finish off the gift is by the addition of a personalised message inside the lid. By adding this, the gift really does have the wow factor and becomes a treasured heirloom.

    Small – W25cm x D16cm x H16cm

    Medium – W40cm x D27.5cm x H16cm

    Large – W46cm x D33cm x H22cm

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What to buy instead of flowers?

Alternative Memorial and Bereavement Gifts


Jonny’s Story (Chelmsford, Essex)

“When I lost my Nana Joyce, I wanted to celebrate her life in a unique way. My Nan was a beautiful person inside and out. In fact, during the 1950s, a beautiful portrait of her could be seen in the photographer’s window in Southport.

I took this lovely photograph to Picture Proud who placed it on one side of a beautiful wooden heart. On the other side we added a picture of Joyce in her later years, the Nan we all knew and loved. Whilst sorting through her possessions,

My father found a poem which she had saved, which was obviously a message to her loved ones for after she passed away. The poem read

‘Be still – close your eyes. Breathe. Listen for my footfall in your heart. I am not gone but merely walk in you!’

Picture Proud was able to add her actual handwriting of this to the heart also. To finish the keepsake heart, we chose a ribbon of yellow reflecting the daffodils of her Welsh family. After the funeral, I presented each member of our family with one of these stunning wooden hearts. Every person was moved emotionally by such a beautiful reminder of a wonderful person.

Picture Proud also created a magnificent memory box which I presented to my Dad, Joyce’s eldest son. The box lid shows a montage of pictures from Joyce’s happy life from childhood to old age. I had the poem that was put on the heart repeated on the inside lid. For my father, it’s an object for reflection, a place to keep all of her precious memories inside, safe and forever, and most importantly, it’s a place to go to for quiet remembrance of a lovely person, dearly missed but never forgotten.”

Losing a loved one or friend can be devastating and people often struggle with the right way to share sympathy or to comfort those in mourning. The traditional method of acknowledging the passing is to send flowers and cards, lovely gestures that show the family are in their thoughts.
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Memory Boxes Are the Perfect Gift for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Looking for the perfect gift for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? If so, consider offering a personalised keepsake box. This thoughtful gift helps dementia sufferers recall their past and save a little piece of times gone by. Millions of people are suffering from cognitive decline and other symptoms associated with dementia. For them, remembering small things can be a struggle. Families and friends can compile a memory box and collect things that are important to their loved ones.
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Top 50 Christmas Gift for Her in 2014

Christmas keepsake box

1. Photo Keepsake Box

Hand crafted photo keepsake box. Choose your favourite photos to be infused on to the lid. The ideal gift for Christmas to store all your treasured memories.

Price: £84.95 | Picture Proud Photo Keepsake Box

2. Hue LivingColors Bloom Colour-Changing Lamp

Setting the mood in a room couldn’t be easier, controlled by an app on your smartphone with over 16 million colours to choose from. These lamps are ideal for the proudest of home owner and it doesn’t need a bulb.

Price: £79.95 | Philips
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Uniquely (y)ours – A proud moment for Picture Proud family!

What do we live for if not to make life more beautiful for each other? Living our lives with that thought in mind makes our own a splendid affair. Of the many things we do to bring radiance in another’s life, a thoughtful gift, regardless of its value, is sure to accomplish that lofty goal. Nothing says ‘you matter to me’ more than a selfless act but the only material equivalent of such an act is a gift! But how much thought do we put into finding gifts that resonate with the receiver? Picture Proud was a direct upshot of an epiphany. The idea behind a gift is to make the receiver feel special which helped us draft the golden rule to the art of buying gifts – personalise them!

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